How it works

Register with an Agent

Apply through an agent and receive a XendCredit Voucher Cards for FMCGs.

Access The Loan

Use your XendCredit Voucher Card to buy products from FMCG distributor.

Repay Loan

Repayments over six months through agents or banks.


FMCG Distributors

Register and get verified

Apply and get verified by a Sales Officer.

Sell FMCG products to beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries approach you with their Voucher Token Cards to make payments for your products.

Receive payments

You release the products once your bank account is credited.

distributor distribution

A strong network of partners

XendCredit has a strong network of partners from both private and public sector to ensure timely and secure delivery of the supply chain finance implementation.


Why choose Us

Whether you are an FMCG manufacturer, a distributor, or a trader, there is something for your in XendCredit.

FMCG producer

Increased sale and turnover. Low risk of default in payment. Ability to better plan logistics and reduce delivery costs. Opportunity for expansion due to increased cash in-flow.


Streamlines the onboarding process of traders. Reduce loan default rates. Improved liquidity through early payments & better information. More buyers means better discounts from manufacturers.


Access to increased working capital, through accelerated cash flow & business growth. Streamlines the onboarding process of traders. Growth in credit history. Opportunity to grow into a distributor. Better planning of order.

What our clients are saying

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